Teaching Testimonials

Over the years Don has developed, and mastered, the talent to become an expert in presenting the life of birds to a largely layman public.  He has the ability to teach the demanding art of woodcarving as applied to a lifelike presentation of a multitude of birds. 

He also makes these teaching skills extremely enjoyable.

In the majority of cases he takes a group of strangers, who attend classes mainly as a means of doing something different, and teaches them an extremely demanding art form.  In the process he instructs them in carving techniques and presentation skills.  Which brings out a genuine feeling of accomplishment.

This strongly exhibits his skill in passing on an art form that only makes the presentation of a demanding craft an enjoyable pastime for inexperienced students.

                 - Ken D.

The Woodcarving class on Thursdays at 9am is not be missed.  You will learn to carve and have a good time doing.  The people are a delight and Don is a great teacher.  Plus you will have something to put on a shelf at home.

                 - Art


I started a course on woodworking last semester (April 2018).  My Tutor, Don, was fabulous. He is very knowledgeable and attentive to detail.  Being a fellow artist he takes great pride to care in his work as well as helping his students.

He brought back many memories of carving (whittling) with my Grandfather and my Dad.  I hope to continue carving for many years.  Don does a lot of birds and at home I dabble in other fields.  He even got my courage up to use all sorts of tools associated with wood carving.

Don makes learning fun with his amusing light look on life and jokes.  He is also very attentive on the safety of working with knives and power tools.

                - Kim W.

I really enjoy Don's woodcarving classes.  He is extremely knowledgeable and his passion comes through in his teaching.  Don is always offering encouragement to his students and lets them express their own artisitic vision.  Most of all the classes are all about having fun with fellow carvers and enjoying a wonderful hobby.

                - Al